Per "Dead" Ohlin
Vital statistics
Position Main, Lead Singer (screamer)
Age 44 (if present)
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Per "Dead" Ohlin also known as Pelle and the young Swedish guy, was the lead singer of Past Mayhem Black Metal. Sadly he is not present due to his suicidal death, some fans say that 'Dead died for Black Metal' but people such as Mayura believe that it is highly unlikely and Dead died because he was depressed. Dead often tried to cut himself which upset his friends and they had to patch him up. In Mayhem's documentary Pure Fucking Mayhem, a previous member of the band called Occultus stated that Dead hated cats, and if a cat came near the Mayhem house he would always keep a spear handy to kill it, but he never actually ever managed to kill one. Dead was also known to keep dead birds under his bed, and Necrobutcher also stated that on one tour he found a dead crow and put in a plastic bag to smell it before going on stage. His pre-show rituals include burying his clothes in the ground so he feels like Dead instead of Pelle. Sometimes he even requested his band members to bury him in the ground so he can reek of soil. According to Mannheim (a past Mayhem member), Dead was the first black metal musician to wear corpse paint. Mannheim also stated that Pelle's obsession with death and dead things made his character Dead take over Pelle, he said that the band never really got to know the real Pelle only just his persona Dead. Necrobutcher mentioned that Dead was a thinker and an artist who was in great depression. According to the book Lord of Chaos, Dead's brother says that Dead felt suicidal since the age of 10 when he got physically bullied by kids at his school, one day he was beaten up so badly that he was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced "clinically dead". Ever since then he was fascinated by death and believed that he didn't belong on Earth, but that he was a creature from another world. His odd habits included starving himself in order to get starve wounds, and freezing the blood in his veins and watching the blood run has he cut himself. Many would discribe Dead as odd, but yet one of the most influential people of Black Metal. Suprisingly Dead and the other Mayhem members celebrated christmas together and play football with the local kids who lived near them. He was also well knows for writing all the songs on thier album Live in Liepzig and De Mysteriis Dom Santhanas. His lyrics live on today dispite the constant line up changes of peresent Mayhem.  


Dead was left alone in the house, he slit his throat with a knife and shot himself in the forehead leaving a note which said "Excuse all the blood" 

His body was found by Euronymous who climbed over the fence and into the house. Before calling the police, Euronymous went to buy a disposable camera and took a photo of Dead, dead. There are rumours that Euronymous had made stew with Dead's brain and necklaces with bits of his skull. 

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